Start•All Jump•Pack® 12/24V

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The lightweight and compact Start•All Jump•Pack® was designed with the largest and most challenging engine starts in mind. The Start•All Jump•Pack® 12/24V offers over 10,000A of starting power and 166500 joules5s of power, making it capable of jump-starting every type of vehicle and equipment, including: semi-trucks, motorhomes, coaches, buses, mining, agricultural, construction, and vocational equipment. The Start•All Jump•Pack® features portable power charging for all your smartphones, laptops, or other electronic needs.

• Engine: Instantly Jump Starts Diesel Engines up to 16 Liters
• Battery Type: High Output Premium Lithium-Ion
• Capacity: 296 Watt-Hours (296,000 mWh)
• Joules 5S: 166500
• Amps: 10,000/5000 Amps
• Volts: 12 and 24
• Weight: 18.5 lbs. With case: 20 lbs.
• Dimensions: 14.0L X 5.0W X 16.5H
• Lifetime Performance: Up to 5000 Starts
• Storage Temperature: 40° F to 75° F; 4° C to 24° C
• Built-In Protect•All® Safety Protection: Reverse Polarity, Low Voltage Protection, Short Circuit, Overheat Protection, Over Discharge Protection, Over Voltage Protection, and Open-Clamp Protection

Warranty: One year



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